About BayM

We help people understand, operate and deliver

We convert your requirements to our needs; share products and understand a business increasingly shaped by differing trading climes. With the ever changing demographics, business designs and trading requirements, the need of the hour is a dynamic team that will be your one stop solution for your trading. Our services are game changers; we introduce our clients to strategies that offer simple, innovative and dynamic solutions. Our core competence relates to customer-driven strategies, managing optimum risk and being flexible, as well as value for money, and bridging the gap between the supplier and the customer with a huge supplier base.

Search, Inventory, Harvest, Log, Load

Our timber is available in a variety of sizes and cuts to satisfy individual client needs. Abundant inventories are available from our network of individual suppliers and can be delivered in a minimal amount of time. With current operations and exportation to countries such as China, India, and Vietnam and all of European countries. BayM looks forward to expanding and reaching new clients globally.

We do care about future of our planet

BayM donates a percentage of our profit to rainforest regrowth programs. If you would like to help, please follow our link. By planting more trees than we harvest, BayM ensures our ecological footprint is minimal. For each tree we cut and sell, we match this by planting seeds of the exact same specimen.

BayM donate a percentage from every order
to rainforest restoration nurseries

Our unique location allows us to offer lower costs for shipping worldwide

Shipping direct from the BayM offers cheaper transit costs to many destinations worldwide

We stock all kinds of timber from Central America and West Africa !


Scientific name(s) : Entandrophragma cylindricum

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Scientific name(s) : Milicia excelsa, Milicia regia

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Scientific name(s) : Pterocarpus soyauxii

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Scientific name(s) : Tectona grandis

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Scientific name(s) : Millettia laurentii, Millettia stuhlmannii

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Scientific name(s) : Baillonella toxisperma, Mimusops djave

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