About Us

We help people understand, operate and deliver. We convert your requirements to our needs; share products and understand a business increasingly shaped by differing trading climes. With the ever changing demographics, business designs and trading requirements, the need of the hour is a dynamic team that will be your one stop solution for your trading.

Our services are game changers; we introduce our clients to strategies that offer simple, innovative and dynamic solutions. Our core competence relates to customer-driven strategies, managing optimum risk and being flexible, as well as value for money, and bridging the gap between the supplier and the customer with a huge supplier base.

Within bayM, we share a firm conviction that the upcoming era of global trade and commerce, is now the dominant business environment and we are at the forefront of globalization. Through our work, we represent the new revolution of trade interactions.

Imports into India

At BayM we specialize in imports speciality wood products. We import a broad range of products from countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. As the Local market is our target, we work with the leading suppliers who take our fresh cut, or processed product from the source and deliver it to the nearest port. You can expect minimal shipment time with BayM.